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Dockwalk Magazine Highlights Red Frog Beach Marina

Thanks to Dockwalk Magazine for highlighting us in this month’s issue!  There is a great article titled “A Port for All Seasons” highlighting our marina for yachts and boats of all sizes, any time of year.

Red Frog Beach Marina in Dockwalk Magazine

Red Frog Beach Marina in Dockwalk Magazine

That’s our marina pictured on the left (recognize the Caribbean rainforest?) and the description is in the top right column.

Our marina has hosted mega yachts at all times of the year.  Enthusiasts love our marina for the Caribbean location that is virtually hurricane-free! Learn more about the Red Frog Beach Marina on our website.

Thank you again to the Dockwalk editors for recognizing us!

A Day at the Races: Feria del Mar

We have been happy to host Adam and Hannah from Getting Stamped!  It sounds like they were able to see and do a lot from their home base at Red Frog Beach Resort.  Inbetween activities and relaxing at the villa’s private pool, here’s what we heard about their time at the Feria del Mar!

View of Ismito beach during the Feria del Mar, Sept 2013

View of Ismito beach, a 7 minute boat ride from Red Frog Beach Resort, during the Feria del Mar, Sept 2013

Gentlemen start your engines! The annual boat races in Bocas Del Toro saw near perfect weather this past Sunday.

The event drew a nice crowd that lined Istmito Beach and the pavilions stationed near the festival. In addition to the action in the water, the Feria del Mar was in full swing offering up variety of tasty treats and local libations. There was a great community aspect on the beach; everyone was happy and enjoying some good music, food, great company, and of course racing.

Before the event we got a chance to get close to some of these sleek racing machines and talk with the owners. Several boats boasted detailed art work and high gloss paint. A fair amount of pride goes into these vessels, after all it is a boating community here on the Islands.

The day starts with the 15hp motor class and worked its way up to the big guns (75 hp) by evening. Spurred on by a sizeable cash prize the drivers push there crafts to the limit. The long narrow panganitas glide across the sea with only a portion of the hull in water. Following the oval course, laid out by buoys in the bay, the boatmen strive for best time as they run individual laps. With a spray of salt water, they lean hard into the turns. The straightaways see the bow bounce heavily while the motor turns at top speed.

Win, lose, or just watch it’s a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon in the Caribbean islands of Bocas Del Toro.

Red Frog Beach: What’s in our name?

What it means to be Red Frog Beach Island Resort

You could say it started 8,000-6,000 years ago when the Bocas del Toro archipelago began to separate from the mainland.  This created rich rainforest separated at times by only several hundred feet of Caribbean Sea.  The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute explains that it is a “major puzzle for researchers” to comprehend how more than 16 color morphs of the Strawberry poison-dart frog developed in Bocas del Toro in such a short span.

Isla Bastimentos is known for Red frogs.  Visit neighboring islands for brilliant green, blue, orange and yellow variations!

Isla Bastimentos is known for Red frogs. Visit neighboring islands for brilliant blue, orange and yellow variations!

Isla Bastimentos, our home island, is host to a special line of red frogs.  They are small, as a nickel under a leaf in the rainforest, but they are bold in color and sound.  Our island frogs are bright red, sometimes with blue legs and usually with black spots.  They make a sharp chirp like crickets on a muggy evening—you can’t miss it.

We like that one of the best beaches in the Americas is named after such a humble and intriguing character: Red Frog Beach.

If you’d like to spend an afternoon learning some of the local biology, we can show you the red frogs at our protected nature preserve, then boat to the neighboring islands to find variations of brilliant green, blue, orange, and yellow poison-dart frogs.

DID YOU KNOW they are named after the indigenous tradition using the frog’s poison on their blowgun darts for hunting?
Keep your eyes out for the Strawberry poison-dart frogs around Red Frog Beach

Keep your eyes out for the Strawberry poison-dart frogs around Red Frog Beach

The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute is actively involved in studying these frogs, along with other unique aspects of our region from the coral fields to evolving mangroves and ancient rainforests.  These efforts are based out of their local Bocas Station with several specialists enriching our understanding and appreciation for the natural environment here.

Practical Advice:

  • Poison-dart frogs, as with many of our animal kingdom neighbors, are sensitive to human interaction.  To protect them, and you, please let them be when you see them.
  • If you have handled a frog or its habitat it is smart to wash your hands afterwards!


What intrigues you about our rainforest ecology?  What poison-dart frogs have you seen or are on your list?

Bocas del Toro’s Feria del Mar–The Fair of the Sea

As the Caribbean Fall approaches, the waters around Bocas del Toro turn a calm, clear crystal blue. The boat captains tune their engines as the local community of Bocas Town gears up to celebrate the festival of the season.

Bocas Town, just a 10 minute ride from Red Frog Marina, is bustling for the 5-day Feria del Mar festivities.

Bocas Town, just a 10 minute ride from Red Frog Marina, is bustling for the 5-day Feria del Mar festivities

 Get ready for Feria del Mar, The Fair of the Sea.

During this uniquely original Bocas event, Isla Colon and the waters around her turn into a place for fun, great food, and a community in action. Feira del Mar is a festival for everyone. Thousands of people from the surrounding islands and region come together on the beaches as the Bocas streets transform into a fairground.

The festival is a 50-year tradition showing appreciation to the local fisherman and boatsmen in a celebration of the sea.

The festival starts on Wednesday, September 11, and culminates five days later on Sunday, September 15 with the Bocas Boat Races, which showcase the motorized pangas and the classic wooden Cayukos (canoes), hand-built from large local trees.

 Music and dancing is a key draw for the locals who grew up coming to this festival. From salsa, calypso, reggae and Panamanian rock, there is a little something for everyone, including local folk dances performed by area children in traditional costume.

 Food brings more flavor to the fair as local venders prepare and sell tasty Panamanian treats; a few of the highlights are fresh local fish, the Torrejitas, a sweat and salty corn fried dough and Sancocho soup.

 The children and families are a centerpiece of the day time festivities, enjoying the great selection of games, carnival rides and prizes, as well as arts and crafts. A queen of the fair is chosen, “La Reina,” and then everyone comes to Playa Ismito beach on Sunday for the excitement of the boat races.

Residents of the Bocas Archipelago still prefer traditional Cayukos transportation.

Residents of the Bocas Archipelago still prefer traditional Cayukos as daily transportation

 The Archipelago of Bocas del Toro with all of the beautiful natural wonders, the islands, seascapes and the tropical rain forests; Feria del Mar stands out in the September breeze as a don’t-miss special occasion.

Exchange Vows in a Unique Island Paradise

Snorkel in crystal blue waters and discover vibrant sea life from coral to fish to starfish  around Bocas del Toro

Snorkeling in crystal blue waters is a great activity for couples.  Discover vibrant sea life from coral to fish to starfish around Bocas del Toro.

With a destination wedding at a stunning Caribbean island, your family and friends will have a lot to celebrate. A recent press release shares the magic of a wedding with Red Frog Beach Island Resort.

It is the secluded beach gaining accolades from travel and wedding gurus, including the Travel Channel and MSNBC. Red Frog Beach Island Resort has the service, amenities, locations, and activities to pamper the Bride and Groom as well as their guests.

Red Frog Villa View indoor outdoor MEDIUM

Spacious, well-appointed private villas are a luxurious home base.

With dedicated wedding specialists, it is a relaxing and rewarding experience from start to finish. For exclusive events “in May, June, September and October, guests actually can rent the entire island resort.”  See the full article here!