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Recently Announced Condos at Red Frog Beach, Panama Are Attracting Many Americans Ready to Move Internationally in Uneasy Sociopolitical Times

Trending: More North Americans than ever consider moving outside the U.S., while Panama continues to be one of the top places to go. The Red Frog Beach Island Community in Bocas del Toro Panama announces the start of construction for its Beach Condos called La Perla Azul to Provide Luxury Island Living alongside Panama’s Economic Benefits.

BOCAS DEL TORO, Panama, April 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Panama has become one of the hottest spots for Americans seeking a 2nd home. A recent poll by Morning Consult/Vox showed that 1 in 4 Americans would seriously consider leaving the U.S. if a particular candidate wins the presidency. Continue reading

Protecting the Environment

In 2004, when the Red Frog Beach Island Resort was acquired, cattle grazing on the land caused a large amount deforestation on the island that was leading to problems with erosion, among other things. Because of the damage done to this beautiful island, Red Frog Beach has had a large focus on the environment, rebuilding the rainforest back to where it was, and maintaining its rich ecosystem.  

Because of this, there are now MORE trees and vegetation on Isla Bastimentos than 10 years ago. The erosion problems caused by the grazing have largely all been corrected on Isla Bastimentos.

Red Frog Beach has also invested in a state of the art waste treatment plant called a sequence batch reactor as well as one of the largest solar power plants owned by resorts in the world. Red Frog Beach works with other local business to make tourism here more sustainable both to the environment and the community.

To learn more about the practices used to keep the island healthy, check out our Environment page.