Client Comments

Please know that we appreciate the results of your efforts at Turtle Beach.

To walk on steps, a pathway and to have chairs delivered, unrequested, for our use while we were in the water and to then sit on a freshly raked and clean beach reminds us just how fortunate we are to have been residents now for 8 months.

--Red Frog Residents

Many thanks for your prompt response to our service call yesterday afternoon. The guys came within 15 minutes and had the problem fixed within the hour. Our guests from Panama City were not even aware that there was a problem. Great service.

--Red Frog Resident

As you know we just got back from redfrog beach and we truly enjoyed our stay there. The staff were all so pleasant...John picked us up from the other side of Bocas, where we were staying, we then proceeded to bocas town for food, beverages, bags of limes, and fresh fish. Arriving on redfrog ,john and the guys took our luggage and groceries to the villa and completely organized it for us. Anna was so sweet accomodating us with a 3 bedroom villa with a view of a lifetime.

I can't even begin to tell you the magic and peace I felt when we drove to the top of the hill and I could see the whole entire layout of this most amazing developement. I knew at that moment this must be heaven and I had clearly made the right choice in purchasing a condo sight unseen!!!!!! Needless to say I was ecstatic and speechless.......

Anyhow, I just wanted to comment on the infrastucture and completed villas. These villas are truly remarkable, from loving the color of the tile roofs and color tones you all chose to blend into this most perfect eco safe environment. I was extremely impressed with the foundation, steel framing, large patios, and the whole layout giving everyone a fabulous view.

The beach!!! well just another gorgeous scene...the ocean so clear,turqoise,warm and great for swimming and snorkeling. This long stretch of pure white,soft sand found us taking many long walks. Cheap therapy! I felt I had found paradise in every form.

As you can imagine my entusiasm was contagious and soon after our tour with Justin, A great friend of mine, whom I was traveling with, Marlene M. from Sun Valley Idaho, whom by the way I hadn't seen in 20 years, decided to take a closer look. We spent 4 days exploring and crazily loving everything about redfrog. Low and behold Marlene, felt the same love for this unbelievable island as I did. So guess what????? Yes, she purchased a condo as well!!! yeah, we're neighbors once again.

Our trip to Panama was filled with 2 weeks of nonstop adventures, meeting lots of people, and laughing til our stomachs hurt. Marley and I so enjoyed our time exploring Panama together. It was like we never missed a beat iin those 20 years....Alot to be said for your very good old friends!!!

A very warm thank you goes out to all of you, for all your hard work, drive, ambition, creativity and finding this most magical island.! I am so Proud of all of you and I'm excited and proud to be a part of this journey.

Loving Life
--Jill M.

I just wanted to let you know how the tour went.
Alena, Anna, and Justin are very nice, helpful, and timely. You have a GREAT crew in Panama. The Marriott is a nice hotel with very nice beds.

Justin asked us if we wanted to relax on the beach after the tour or go on the boat tour. We chose relax on the beach and did the boat tour the other day with some snorkeling.

Walking through the other property to reach Red Frog was enjoyable. We were able to enjoy the fauna and the leaf cutter ants. Touring the property was a mini adventure. It has GREAT potential. Red Frog Beach is beautiful. Finding the balance of development and conservation is key; from what I have seen and read on your web site, you have found that balance. Eating at flip-flops on Bastimentos was great; that is what I call casual dining.

The greatest surprise was that the island was not flat. I had no idea that there was 250 ft. in elevation.

Bocas is a great town. We enjoyed staying there.

I hope this was helpful. I have a home DVD of the tour. Just let me know if you want a copy.

--Gregg K

We just wanted to thank you for the great stay at Red Frog over the Easter Holiday. We were well taken care of by Ana & her team. The villa we stayed in was very comfortable with a very nice furniture package. The large deluxe balcony provided a great view with a comfortable relaxing atmosphere. I thought the construction and quality of materials to be very fine. We also wanted to give a special thanks to Taysa who arranged our trip including hotel reservations in Panama City and booked our flights to Bocas & the Pearl Islands. In addition to Ana's great care her team of John and Dan also gave us wonderful friendly service.

--Tom & Loretta M

The trip home was long but uneventful, which is always great. We miss you already! It was a great trip. Too short! Thanks so much for all of your help!!! As long as the passion and commitment are there, Red Frog will naturally be a success!

--Annie M

I just wanted to thank Ana and Daniel for their professional manner in making sure that our needs were met promptly and efficiently and with warmth and goodness. It was appreciated. Red frog has a great team with you guys. My family really enjoyed our vacation, largely because of your prompt attention to detail. I also found the people of Panama to be warm and friendly. I would like to come back again next year. Thank you so much and I pray that you all will be richly blessed.

--George M

Every facet of the exploration tour was professional, informative, well run & balanced and tons of fun. The Red Frog team has incredible enthusiasm and energy. We appreciated your constant attention to every detail.

--Chris H.

Food was awesome, including some of the other tourist attractions made the trip even better, dolphins, starfish, panama canal, shopping (Teresa), etc. Thanks for the great time in Panama, Bocas del Toro, and Red Frog Beach. Not only was I impressed with your whole project, the island, and what you are putting together, but more importantly, you have a great team that is working extremely hard to make it a success. I look forward to having my villa built and just as importantly working and communicating with you in the future. I feel like I made a bunch of friends!

Thanks! --Vaughn L.

Our trip to Red Frog exceeded my every expectation. The staff is so friendly, knowledgeable, fun to be with & the service & attention they provided to each of us was exceptional. I felt I was treated like a queen. Our trust level in all of them as allowed us to act confidently and purchase without worry. They are all the kind of truthful, ethical people we want to do business with.

--Joyce M.

We loved everything!!- Excellent job!! Very Fun! Snorkeling, food, hiking the property, free time on the beach, very well organized, made everyone feel included, liked that I didn't have to worry about anything (i.e. luggage, tips, meals, etc) great personalities of all the Red Frog Staff.


Professional/courteous/organized. The Red Frog Team was very informative and patient. Had a lot of fun and would highly recommend tour ownership! Food was outstanding!

--Jack B.

We loved the entire exploration tour. We had a lot of things happen that were unplanned but the best part is that the Red Frog team did not ever panic; they were fast acting and smooth, which made us enjoy the entire trip. We had a great time. The staff is trustworthy and honest. We esp. like the eco-friendly and organized way you are building; it will make a difference in our future. We travel the world and have been looking for a place that is quiet and not junky. Red Frog is what we are looking for.

--Kim W.