Environmental Mitigation Results
The environmental Mitigation Team at Red Frog Beach believes that actions speak louder than words. A team of 20 environmental experts have been involved in protecting the precious environment of this island in Bocas del Toro. Over $500,000 has been invested into land controlling silt fences, erosion control mesh, dozens of sediment traps and basins and hundreds of new trees. All installed utilities at the project are high-tech and low impact. Underground electric systems were implemented to protect the native landscape on Isla Bastimentos. Most of the development area is located in what was once deforested cow pasture-now one will find hundred of trees that have corrected erosion problems caused by the grazing. The electric generation plant meets strict U.S. requirements and beachfront setbacks have been extended to protect sensitive and animal habitat areas. The group has invested in a sewage pump out system for the marina, low energy cost designs such as low E windows, and large overhangs to shield the sun. The sewage plant is one of the best in the entire region for minimizing harmful affluent.

Signs to protect frogs all over Phase 1, more than ANAM required.

Native vegitation planted all along roads for erosion control and beauty.

More Native vegistation - vines with yellow flowers.
Keeping roads narrow where possible to save trees.

Large cuts installed with erosion control blankets that allows time for natural vegitation growth.

Even larger cuts (above 4 meters) now have strong native growth to hold back erosion.

More construction cuts covered with blankets and now grown in nicely.

Service area massive cut grown in nicely after erosion control blankets installed and native plants planted.

Another cut grown in with sediment trap protection with over 3000 linear meters of installed blankets and plantings.

Sediment traps protected and maintained by our full time mitigation crew.

Silt fences installed around construction sites.

Over 1950 linear meters of silt fence installed to date.

Erosion control fencing installed on all creeks, 5X more than Environmental Mitigation Plan requires.

These multiple sediment cleaning fences ensure clean run-off and limit any erosion.

Another clear creek.

Red Frog Installs State of the Art Sequene Batch Reactor (SBR) sewage treatment plant - after 4 levels of treatment, output is less than 15 PPM B05 affluent. The Plant is completely self sustained and controlled in the service area.

Red Frog invests over $30,000 in its sewage pump-out station pending installation for its marina so Yachters don't dump in the pristine Harbor.

All Villas installed with energy efficient bulbs.

Native materials used in amenity areas.

Large Eaves for shade, Low E glass installed on all windows to save energy.

Low Impact marina construction - no pilings.

Large investment in Underground utilities to maintain natural landscape vs. overhead power like Bocas Below.

Large investment in Underground utilities to maintain natural landscape vs. overhead power like Bocas Below.

Native Bamboo that will be used as a sustainable material in amenities.

Working hard to maintiain the original native jungle landscape within a responsible development model.