Environment & Community

Isla Bastimentos is part of the Bocas del Toro archipelago and is about 20 square miles in size, making it one of the largest islands in Panama. This island can be reached only by boat, no cars on the island, and is home to native villages, the small town of Bastimentos, and is listed as a World Heritage site. The diverse and pristine eco systems of this region caused the creation of a 32,700 acre National Marine Park in 1988.

Red Frog's Environmental Preservation Plan & Community Outreach Plan

The entire team at Red Frog Beach is absolutely committed to preserving the pristine environment and amazing community that drew us all to Bocas. From the founding partners to each and every employee, the company culture of environmental preservation is a key governing principle.

Our development plan works with the environment and community, not against it. Our commitment to our visitors, buyers, and neighbors is to deliver the most responsible resort community in all of Panama. We have made, and will continue to make, considerable investments in the environment and community to sustain and even improve its existing condition.

We have specifically planned for the vast majority of all homes and condos to be built on existing pasture land or in former Teak plantations. Therefore, the rainforest will be left virtually untouched and preserved for the future. Our plans call for massive reforestation efforts in these pasture and plantation areas to restore them to their natural beauty. Our Environmental and Community plan highlights:

  • Maintaining preserves that will never be altered on over 60% of our entire property
  • Reforesting over 100 acres
  • Maintaining an onsite team of environmental mitigation workers
  • Strict preservation efforts to protect the frogs during construction
  • Building setbacks of at least 150' from the beach to preserve the pristine beach setting
  • Keeping all roads to under 15' to preserve rainforest
  • Creating a turtle nesting zone to protect turtles during nesting season
  • Creating walking trails within preserve for environmental education
  • Creating a museum to highlight archeological findings on Isla Bastimentos
  • Using the highest tech sewer treatment systems that are 4 times more strict than normal standards
  • Using low noise power with plans to augment with renewable energy such as solar, methane, and hydro
  • Will be employing over 500 local people once Resort is in place
  • Training all local employees on new resort management standards and construction practices
  • Developed Red Frog Foundation

Red Frog in the Community

It is important to note that we don't operate our development without regard to our human neighbors. Bocas Del Toro is unique also for its diverse human inhabitants. Our neighbors on the island of Bastimentos consist of a large Afro-Antillean and Indigenous Ngobe Indian populations. They are our neighbors, workers, and friends. Through the Red Frog Foundation we have donated over $200,000.00 in supplies and funds to improve healthcare and sanitation in these communities. We understand that we cannot operate our project in a vacuum and that every action has a direct consequence on neighboring communities. This is not merely "lip service," we are including stewardship of these relationships as a primary component to our operating plan. We hold regular meetings with the community and community leaders and we are actively engaged in constructive dialogue with these groups about how we can work together to create opportunities for all parties. To this end we have dedicated a full-time community and environmental relations employee to facilitate communication and develop and execute programs. This is a newly created role but we have found this position to be imperative because our experience is that the absence of communication and dialogue leads to unanticipated problems.

Rana Roja Foundation


To work with the local community of Isla Bastimentos and Bocas Del Toro, including governmental leaders, residents, and expatriates to improve and sustain the delicate eco-system and to improve the quality of living for the local community on Isla Bastimentos.

Goals of the Foundation

  • Environmental
    • To protect the delicate eco-system on Isla Bastimentos during and after development in perpetuity of Red Frog Beach
    • To protect and preserve, specifically, the indigenous Red frogs on Isla Bastimentos during and after development in perpetuity
    • To protect and preserve the other wildlife species specifically on the property of Red Frog Beach
    • To protect and preserve plant species on Red Frog Beach and Bastimentos
    • To educate visitors and residents and create awareness on the delicate nature of the rainforest at Red Frog Beach and Bastimentos
    • To create Preserve areas within Red Frog Beach and Bastimentos where wildlife and plant life can be viewed by visitors and residents without any adverse effect on the environment
      • Walk-ways and trails
      • Educational points of interest (EPI's)
    • To protect and preserve the water quality in and around Red Frog Beach and Isla Bastimentos
    • To protect and preserve the marine life in and around Red Frog Beach and Isla Bastimentos
  • Community
    • To provide education and training for work related skills during the development of Red Frog Beach
    • To assist in offering a worker pool to local developers of skilled men and women.
    • To create a system of trash removal in the village of Bastimentos
    • To educate the residents of Bastimentos on the positive effects of keeping the village clean and helping them improve their sanitary and water systems
    • To create a maritime safety outline for the marine waters around Isla Bastimentos
    • To assess and assist with improving the living conditions of the people of Bahia Honda
    • To improve the children's education system in Bahia Honda and Bastimentos village
    • To educate the local community on the positive and negative impacts of tourism
    • To preserve the heritage and culture of Isla Bastimentos

Beneficiaries of the Foundation

  • The community Isla Bastimentos
  • The community of Bocas Del Toro
  • Visitors
  • Residents
  • Flora and Fauna