FAQs - Spending Time At Red Frog Beach

If the resort is located on an island, how will I get around?

It is relatively easy to get around the Bocas Del Toro region. They call this area the "Venice of the Caribbean" for a reason, it is very easy and inexpensive to get around by water-taxi. From the Bocas Airport it is only a two minute - $1.00 - taxi ride to the boat dock and a 10 minute boat ride to the Red Frog Entrance. Once on the island, the sole means of transportation will be electric cart. Because of the pristine environment, cars are not allowed on the island.

Will I feel isolated living on an island?

No! Remember you are only 10 minutes from the resort town of Bocas which has most everything you will need (population 12,653). We think you get the best of both worlds: the security and privacy of a beach front community at Red Frog, and quick access to nightlife and inexpensive amenities. This is not to mention the 68 islands and keys to explore in the surrounding region and the 11,000 foot mountains about thirty minutes away on the mainland.

How far away is Bocas Del Toro from Panama City?

It is a 55-minute flight (about $160 round-trip). To drive from Panama City takes a full day (although many parts of the drive are beautiful).

How far is Red Frog Resort from the mainland?

About a 30 minute boat ride. And we are only about 30 miles to the border of Costa Rica.

The forecast for Bocas always looks rainy?

Since long-term weather patterns for this area are so difficult to predict and due to the lack of weather detecting equipment in the area, most internet weather forecast sites just leave a forecast as rainy all year long. However, that is simply not true. Generally when it rains, rains hard and then clears up. Often times it rains at night and the morning and with sunny skies during the better part of the day.

When is the rainy season and when is the dry season?

Technically the Rainy season is May & June and again November & December. Our experience has been there is little difference between the rainy and dry season. Some of the sunniest times of the year there are in the "rainy season." Temperatures are year-round about 82 degrees. Many people compare the climate of Bocas Del Toro to the Hawaiian island of Kauai (although the water is warmer in the Caribbean).

What is the beach like?

The sand is fine and light golden in color, perfect in our opinion. The water is very warm and most of the year one can wade out into the water 20-30 meters. FYI: While the beaches are truly amazing, many underestimate the beauty of the nature preserves at Red Frog- the rainforest canopy and wildlife will amaze you.

Will there be lifeguards at the pool and beach?

Yes. There will be lifeguards at all the pools and beaches.