Headlines - International Living - "10 exotic, affordable retiree havens"


Panama has the most appealing program of special benefits for foreign residents and retirees you'll find anywhere in the world today. Good-quality health care and modern hospitals are available throughout the country, and many Panamanian doctors are U.S.-trained. Here you will enjoy the benefits of a developing economy where you can still take a taxi across town for a buck or two, get your hair cut for a couple of dollars or enjoy dinner with a bottle of wine at one of the fine restaurants in Panama City for $30. There are also lots activities to enjoy, from jazz clubs to art openings to English-language theater performances.
  • Bottle of decent wine: $6


  • Coffee: $1.25


  • Meal for two with wine: $30


  • Movie, full price: $3.50


  • Taxi from airport to downtown: $25


  • Doctor visit: $40


  • Utilities: $55


  • Maid: $120


  • Rent (Panama City): $600 ...


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