Headlines - New York Daily News - Trump locks in Panama casino deal

Trump locks in Panama casino deal

By Nicole Bode
Published: april 25, 2006

A man, a plan - and a casino. That's Panama, Donald Trump style.

The reality-show figurehead and real estate mogul announced yesterday that he's building a $220 million high-rise project in the hometown of the Panama Canal.

The 65-story Trump Ocean Club, International Hotel and Tower will feature 800 hotel and condominium units overlooking the beach, a casino and a 24-hour yacht club in Panama City.

"I really think the time for Panama has come," Trump said at a midtown news conference. "There will be very, very few buildings that rival this one."

The announcement comes as Panama's government moves forward with expanding the famed canal to make room for the latest generation of massive cargo boats.

The Trump high-rise is expected to be completed by late 2009.