Headlines - Smarter Travel - "Top five off-peak destinations for fall 2006"

Top five off-peak destinations for fall 2006

By Jessica Labrencis, SmarterTravel.com Staff

At SmarterTravel.com, we've long been believers in traveling off-peak; that is, visiting a destination during its slower tourist season. This summer, travelers have suffered expensive airfares and crowded planes, but according to recent reports, they will get some reprieve for fall travel. A handful of airlines including American, Continental, Delta, and United recently cut prices on hundreds of routes for fall travel, lowering prices by four to eight percent.

There are plenty of airfare, vacation, and hotel deals to be found all around the world for post-Labor Day travel, particularly in the U.S., Caribbean, and Central America. Plus, many of these destinations offer unique autumn festivals and events.

Our top five picks for off-peak travel this fall are Barbados; Jamaica; Panama; Sarasota; and Taos.