Headlines - PANAMA TURISTICA, Impulsan proyecto de turismo residencial


Impulsan proyecto de turismo residencial

The project for residential tourism is being launched
The company Pillar Panamá is looking forward to creating 200 direct jobs.
Renan Palavicini  rpalavicini@estrelladepanama.com


Tourists are attracted to the exuberant biodiversity of Bastimento Island. / Courtesy Photograph

Bastimentos Island in Bocas del Toro has been chosen by the company Pillar Panamá, S.A. to develop the residential touristic project Red Frog Beach, a new luxurious tourism offer related to the hotel administration of villas.

The arrival of residential tourists at Bocas del Toro has pushed this industry.  Pillar Panamá, S.A. has an investment of 500 million Dollars scheduled for the following six years for the rent of residential villas.

According to Michelle Slough, Marketing and Public Relations Executive, Red Frog Beach covers 90% of the touristic offer and the remaining 10% will have residential purposes. “The management of the project will create 1,200 direct jobs and other 3,400 indirect jobs will be created once the works are totally completed", the executive stated. Slough pointed out that beyond the touristic projections, Red Frog Beach will contribute more than $4 million to the community of Bocas del Toro for health and education plans.

Red Frog Beach is developed within an area of 637 hectares, equivalent to 9% of the island. She explained that the remaining 70% will be kept as preservation area. The executive also assured that six villas are already operating and the rents amount to 380 Dollars per night and $2,200 per week. The work's aim is to open 700 units – condos and villas.
“Since we have finished the first villas we have had 100% occupancy.” We are looking forward to surpassing the occupancy expectations, once we increase the capacity by the end of the work.

Red Frog Beach has started the first stage with an investment estimated at 46 million Dollars.  During this period it has generated 800 jobs and 1,300 indirect jobs. The executive also pointed out that "as part of our contribution to the place, we project to invest another 2 million Dollars for the design and implementation of a plant for the sewage treatment and distribution of drinkable water for the community of Bastimentos".

The development of the touristic project has also installed more than 2000 lineal meters of barriers using non-woven geotextile nets supported on by wooden stakes. Said barriers have been installed in the inferior part of or around forelands, excavations or ground movement made by any type of equipment, so as to avoid that the runoff drifts the sediment towards the gorges.   

Moreover, the company has included mitigation works against the erosion and organic waste collection.  “More than 100 thousand Dollars have been invested in materials and measurements related to the erosion control and bank stabilization as well as in gramma for reseeding”, the promoters stated.   According to the project promoters, 62% of Stage 2 will be preserved as conservation areas and damping zone between the Project and Bastimentos Island National Marine Park.
The island comprises biological corridors which will guarantee the passage of wild animals and will help protect the west boundary of the park.