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Guaranteeing a Place in Paradise

Millions and millions of US citizens are reaching the age of retirement.  Tired of the stresses, strains and not to mention the costs of daily life in North America, This generation of so called “baby boomers” is turning their attention to more distant, tranquil shores in search of a place in the sun from where they can enjoy the fruits harvested from a lifetime of hard work.  Deciding on the place to retire was never easy, but with Panama fast becoming one of the world’s top retirement destinations, the choices are certainly becoming clearer.

Tucked away in a quite corner of Panama near the border of Costa Rica, Bocas del Toro is a town steeped in history that goes back to the days of the first banana plantations.  More recently, Bocas was “discovered” by surfers, attracted to the stunning scenery and of course the magnificent beaches and clear blue seas.  But the most sought after places are also the most protected.  The jewel in the crown of the Bocas archipelago is Isla Bastimentos – with 60% of the island protected by a national park, the area is set to remain as pristine and attractive as it has always been, and it is here that one of Latin American’s best beachfront residential projects, Red Frog Beach, can be found.’

What sets Red Frog apart from its competitors?  For starters, there will be miles of pristine beaches on which to soak up the sun, crystal clear seas and spectacular coral formations for snorkeling.  For the more adventurous, activities include scuba diving, water-skiing, wakeboarding, deep sea fishing as well as riding the waves in what is one of the world’s top surf destinations.  For a more leisurely time, a round on the Arnold Palmer signature golf course with majestic ocean views followed by a relaxing spa and then dinner in one of the great restaurants in the resort.  Or maybe take a boat from one of the marinas, sailing around the islands returning in time to watch the tropical sunset whilst sipping a cocktail beside one of the swimming pools.  Perhaps you prefer a stroll through the National Park, looking at the pure beauty of the nature, followed by a quick game of tennis and a massage.  The possibilities are endless…

Red Frog has much to offer, but perhaps the most distinctive advantage over its competitors is the environmental standards they attach to their business.  With many people arriving in Bocas for the nature, it is an asset that Red Frog is trying to protect.  Ligia Castro de Doens, Director of ANAM, Panama’s Environmental Authority enthuses that Red Frog “are better than other projects…it is a good project and it was planned according to the Environmental Impact Assessment.  And so it should be, when four species of turtle nest on Red Frog’s beaches.

Indeed, Red Frog’s origins lay in its unique scenery.  It was during a trip around Central America that the beauty and potential of Bocas was spotted by Minnesota based Joe Haley, President of Red Frog Beach, whilst searching for his ideal retirement destination.  Having come across the stunning Bocas archipelago, located on Panama’s Caribbean coast, Haley decided to focus on making the area Panama’s prime location for North Americans looking for not just a safe and comfortable retirement, but a golden investment opportunity as well.  When Red Frog is completed, an estimated $500 million will have been invested offering the ultimate lifestyle choice for residents and visitors. With a variety of apartments, condos, townhouses and beachside residences are available at prices ranging between $336,000 and $921,000, the advice for prospective buyers in both Red Frog and Panama is to be quick.  In the current investment climate in Panama, no property remains unsold for long.

Haley’s early faith in the country has been shown to be well placed.  “Panama is absolutely booming across all sectors” he explains.  “From Donald Trump’s $220 million luxury oceanfront tower, the recent “Yes” vote to expand the Canal… the Credit Suisse report predicting real growth of 6% to 7% in 2006 and 2007… Panama has never been hotter and the offerings here and at Red Frog Beach have never been better.”

With property prices in Panama steadily rising as the country becomes a major investment destination for US capital, now is the time to guarantee your place in paradise and ensure that your money works for you.  Whether you are looking to live in Red Frog or searching for the best investment returns, this secluded corner of the Caribbean offers the best of everything.