Recent Project Updates - Red Frog Beach Gets Final Environmental Approval on Phase II

Red Frog Beach Gets Final Environmental Approval on Phase II

ANAM Ruling Changes Some Plans, Protects Lands

After over two years of working on the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) required by the government of Panama, building phases 4-12 are approved to proceed. It took a lot of dedicated time and hard work to get this accomplished, but the Red Frog team is now ready to move forward with what the Panamanian government will allow. This is exciting news for the entire Red Frog community!

As part of the EIS process, we met with the government and listened to concerned environmental groups and communities such as Bahia Honda to address their concerns about the development. Unfortunately, the Panamanian government did not approve plans for the golf course and the aquarium. While this is disappointing, efforts are being made to address the desires of Red Frog golfers, including partnerships with nearby courses. We are considering other ways to have amenities in the original golf site that will add value and reflect our commitment to the environment, such as a botanical garden.

Just as we have always planned, we are preserving more than 70 percent of the natural areas at Red Frog Beach. We share the desire to protect this very special place with you, and with the Panamanian government. Looking at the island as a whole, the Red Frog footprint will remain relatively small in comparison with the island. Stewardship of this land has always been important to you and the Red Frog team and we believe the incredible natural beauty of this island paradise will be enjoyed for generations to come. The Red Frog team charged with protecting our natural environment includes a 30 person mitigation team who share the same passion of the land that you do.  

You chose to invest in Red Frog Beach in part because it is a unique and special place. Our building and development practices have always treated protecting that uniqueness as a cornerstone of the community and we will continue to do this as we move forward. We will keep you posted on our progress with the next phases of the development project, which are already getting underway. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us as usual, and we will do our best to answer them fully and quickly.

As we move forward, the Red Frog team thanks you for your continued support as our collective visions become more real every day.