Immigrant not resident: Tourists, sailors and others.

Temporary residents

  • Work permit for temporary reasons: This is for foreign personnel without diplomatic category, Colon Free Zone executive personnel and others.
  • Temporary permits for investment reasons: For agrarian or forestal investors.
  • Temporary permits given because of special policies: This is the case of cinematography workers, businessmen, technicians and students of the Ciudad del Saber (City of knowledge), of the Panama Canal foreign workers, persons hired in the Panama-Pacific area, in the process zones for exportations, and others.
  • Temporary permits for educational reasons.
  • Temporary permits for religious reasons.
  • Temporary permits for humanitarian reasons.
  • Permit for temporary resident for family union.

Permanent Resident

Some temporary categories require more formalities and demand further requisites in order to get a permanent residence. It is of special interest the permanent residence for economic reason like the following:
  • Residence for investors on macro-businesses: The person must have an investment of at least B/.160,000.00 and be the owner of shares with this value. Besides, the company must have a minimum of five Panamanian workers, and comply with other requisites.

  • Residence for own economic solvency can be given for the following reasons:

    1. Because of the opening of a time deposit account for the amount of B/. 300,000.00 for a minimum period of 3 years.

    2. Investment on property: This investment must be for the amount of B/. 300,000.00. However, in the case of a petitioner that proves the payment of an amount in cash of B/.300,000.00 for a property, but the property has a value superior to the required amount; he could finance the rest of it through a mortgage loan given by a local bank. Before the existing Executive Decree that regulates immigration categories, the minimum amount to be considered as an investment on real estate was B/.200,000.00. For this reason the new petitioners must pay attention to this change. Nevertheless, the Immigration Office could consider residency applications for Own Economic Solvency from those foreigners that have made a real estate investment in the Panamanian territory of B/ 200,000.00 minimum and B/ 300,000.00 maximum.

    3. Mixed Investments (time deposit and real estate) Another category of permanent residence is associated to special policies that benefits foreign retirees, Panama Canal employees and investors of the Panama-Pacific area.