Red Frog Beach Team

Jermain Guerra

I grew up in Old Bank Town which is on the far western tip of the island where Columbus anchored his boat. My native language is Guari-Guari and I learned English from talking to tourists. I attended school growing up paddling across the bay in a boat. My favorite time of the year in Bocas is Christmas: In our village on Bastimentos there is a big party where everyone from the island gets together and brings food for three days; no one misses this party — these are some of my favorite childhood memories. I have over 50 cousins and they all live on Bastimentos (about 1,500 people live there). Favorite food: fried fish with rice. Want to visit New York City someday. I love to wakeboard off the back of Bastimentos and would like to snowboard someday and feel and see snow.

Enrique Dixon

I grew up on Isla Colon where Bocas town is. I worked on a cruise ship and learned English there. Favorite food is chicken, rice and salad. Guests say they really like all the stories I tell but I really think most people like me because I am handsome :) I like to point out to guests all the nature on the island and point out the little red frogs to the kids and teach all the history about the islands.

Alvaro Forchiney

I grew up in Old Bank on Bastimentos and was good friends with Jermain growing up. I want to go to Europe someday. Favorite sport is football. I have known my girlfriend for 16 years and like best to spend time with her. I loved hearing stories about Bocas from my grandfather growing up — I remember the story grandfather told me when there was an earthquake when Isla Carenero broke off from Isla Colon (where Bocas town is). I like to dance.

Sharina Arrocha

I grew up in Old Bank (we call it "Basti Town" or "Basti Village")and then spent 10 years in California. Favorite food is "Basti Soup" (a mixture of pigs tail and cow foot). I would like to travel to Brazil someday (everyone likes to dance in Brazil). Something that no one knows about me is that I still sleep with a big stuffed teddy bear (I am 35 years old). My favorite thing about Bocas is that everyone loves each other and they are very nice and warm people. I love to dance and will shake up Punta Lava if I am behind the bar :)


I like being on Bastimentos because it is so beautiful. I'm from Panama City and I'm more of a beachy outdoors person than a city person. Favorite thing to do is hang out on the beach and hike around the island. I have met guests from all over the world at Red Frog which is the best part of my job. The dog's name is Thor. He is a very nice dog and will only bark if you try to hug me...he is a little possessive :-)

Russo Erlington

I am the zipline man and that is our great crew of guides in the picture, we have a great time together — never had an accident and everyone always enjoys the zipline. I grew up in Old Bank and I love to dance. I have an 18 month old daughter and like to spend time with her. If you are afraid of heights, no problem, we will get you through the zipline. We have had 4 year old kids go on the zipline and love it.