Residence Club Benefits
  • Huge costs savings - Not only is the total cost of your second home much less, but all associated monthly and yearly utilities, homeowners, tax, and services fees will be significantly lower.

  • Maintenance Free - Your membership in the Private Residence Club will include all of the amenities of Red Frog Beach such as the Beach Club and Spa, marina facilities, tennis, botanical gardens, and nature trails. The buildings and grounds of the residence will be professionally maintained. Your second home will be worry free.

  • Reduce Liability - No longer do you need to worry about qualifying and paying for a mortgage in a foreign country and paying closing and legal expenses. This program allows current owners to significantly reduce their out of pocket expenses and exposure to market conditions.

  • Permanent Deeded Ownership - You OWN it!! You still have the ability to see your investment grow, bequeath it to your heirs, and resell it later on.

  • Ability to Rent - When you choose not to use your allotted vacation time for personal use simply inform the property management team at Red Frog Beach who will add this unit to the rental pool (for which Red Frog Beach takes a management fee). Or rent your unit on your own to an acquaintance and receive 100% of the rental fee.

  • Titled Island Property -- Your Private Residence Club membership will be on some of the best island property in the Caribbean. The already reduced tax liability will be made better by not having to pay property tax for up to 20 years on the improvements.