Residence Club Lot 64

View from Villa

2 Bedroom, 2 ½ Bath
TOTAL 1969 sqft. Living Space
1504 sqft. interior and 465 sqft. exterior
HOLIDAY Share Price $299,000
PRESIDENT'S DAY Share Price $224,000
OWNER'S Share Price $187,000

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Residence Club Lot 64


Custom Items
  • Upgrade standard desk to coral
  • Add safety railing in deck area
  • Add a V-2 window in the half bath
  • Preparation for dehumidifier outlets and drainage
  • Add Strelitzia gutter package
  • Add tile to standard size pool
  • Golf Cart Port
  • Pool Upgrade - Built-in Stairs
  • Mobile Grill
  • Retaining Walls
  • Grand Canyon (L) & Rough Hewn (D) (Color chips do not translate well online)
  • Washer / Dryer Side-by-Side
  • Additional Ceiling fan


Interior Finishes Kitchen
  • Stainless steel handles for cabinets
  • Stainless steel Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Built in Microwave and Steel Stove
  • Granite Countertops
  • Crown Molding
  • Tile backsplash
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Kitchen Cabinets - Panamanian Cedar
Room Finishes
  • Increased size of baseboards in Master Bedroom and Living Room (6" trim)
  • Crown moldings in family/living rooms
  • Steel Stud Walls
  • Upgraded wooden fan in Living and dining rooms
  • Interior 4" trim on all sliders and windows in Villa
  • Bull nose on all stairs
  • Dimmers for lighting
  • Blinds - Selected Windows
  • Travertine Stone Flooring
  • Vinyl Windows
  • Solid Wood Doors - Main Entrance Doors
  • Wood Pillars
  • Sliding louvered closet doors
  • Installed grill-type closet shelves
  • Double power outlet on each wall in bedroom
  • Digital timer for water heater
  • Air Conditioning
  • Additional CATV outlets
  • Internet, Phone, and Satellite TV Access
  • Larger Mirrors
  • 3" spotlight above each lavatory
  • Stainless steel faucets and bathroom accessories
  • Double flush toilets
  • Tile shower with a beautiful textured ceramic tile
  • Shower towel rack
  • Ceramic tile backsplash
  • Bathroom Vanity Granite Tops
  • Door Hardware
  • Bath Faucets
  • Bath Sinks
  • Lighting Fixtures
Exterior Finishes
  • Stucco Exterior
  • Exterior Color Combination - Grand Canyon & Rough Hewen
  • Exterior Wall Stone
  • Standard Roofing
Windows and Trim
  • Window and sliding door trim (4" window trim and sill)
  • Perimetral molding (6" trim)
  • Terrace edge molding (around the terrace floor edge)
  • Louvers above main door
  • Lattice (bamboo or similar material)
  • Tropical bushes (to hide a/c compressors)
  • Pergolas on sides of Villa
  • Large planters on terraces and decks
  • Palms all around the place
  • Added Rock formations
  • Plunge Pool 12x16
  • Upgrade Pool Deck Tile
  • Pool/ Patio Restraining Walls in Stucco
  • Exterior Access Stairs to Patio
  • Stucco Retaining Walls
  • Outdoor shower
  • Landscape Package
  • Salobrine Rain Gutter Package
  • Paving Stone Driveway in Herringbone Pattern

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