Red Frog Vacation Property 

Punta Lava Beach Bar and Grill

Located right on Red Frog Beach. Punta Lava is open Daily from breakfast to 5:30pm for lunch and drinks. This Bar & Grill offers shade, drinks, snacks, and sandwiches. Here you can find the best burger in town and match it with a fruit smoothie with your choice of pineapple or papaya! Daily drink special and happy hour from 6pm to sunset. Stop by and enjoy a cold beverage and socializing with explorers from all over the world. After your drinks, you can walk down the new peninsula Cristobel Point boardwalk out onto a deck overlooking the water and view spectacular sunsets and water spouting into the air.

Two or three times a week we open the doors at Punta Lava for a special theme night: steak night, seafood night, a buffet around the world, BBQ night, an Italian night with live Italian music or the Central American theme buffet. An enchanting setting for a perfect experience!

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Nearby: Kayukos Restaurant and Lounge

Travel through the Nature Preserve next to the resort and dine in the Jungle at Kayukos! You will find a diverse menu serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner open from 7:30am to 10:00pm.

A menu full of local flavors and specialties: Sancocho, the national Panamanian soup with rice, Panama fries, nachos or home-made shrimp ceviche. A big plate of Greek salad or a tropical salad with peanuts and pineapple with or without chicken breast, chicken fingers or fish fingers with fries or Patacones, a chicken sandwich or a fish sandwich. The Panamanian goody "arroz con pollo" which is chicken with rice and vegetable or inexpensive "meal of the day" either with chicken or with fish. We have 2 meal wraps either a vegetarian or a chicken chipotle wrap, a Panamanian style beefsteak or 3 different Italian pastas and island pizza that can even be delivered directly to your villa.

Also at Kayukos is a chicken curry, Panamanian pork chops with pineapple and jalapeno, a battered or a sautéed fish fillet, a whole snapper Caribbean style — yummy — followed by octopus in Caribbean sauce or a Caribbean seafood rice pot. Mixed seafood in garlic available and our chef prepares all the Caribbean specialties with love and passion. We periodically offer fresh lobster as well. Specials of the day, 4 kids meals, 4 delicious deserts and different side orders.

Favorites include the Greek Salad made fresh with feta and olives, Panamanian Pizza that is simple yet very tasty and never disappointing, Comida Del Dia (Food of the Day) comes with either fresh fish, chicken or beef in a local Panamanian sauce. The Chicken sauté that is stir fried in a unique local curry. Affordable prices and a five minute walk through a jungle trail from Red Frog Beach.

Day visitors welcome. For those guests who choose to stay in Bocas Town, please plan to visit the beaches here on Bastimentos and eat with us!

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Private Chef Services In-Villa

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