Red Frog Beach is a hidden paradise on the island of Bastimentos in the Caribbean archipelago of Bocas Del Toro, Panama. The crystal blue waters, unfailing temperate weather, pristine beaches, and remarkable jungle rainforest all combine to create a complete sense of unspoiled tropical tranquility. A peaceful diversion from the everyday grind, Red Frog Beach offers both adventure and escape with diving, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, kayaking, Bocas surfing, beach hikes, nature walks, and much more.

Strategically placed in the most beautiful location in Bocas Del Toro, Red Frog Beach takes advantage of an incredible array of natural amenities that will captivate Panama vacation visitor and resident alike. The north facing "windward" side of the island is the perfect retreat for those seeking adventure, exploration and discovery. The island's distinctive wild life presents an unparalleled study in ecological evolution while the long barreling reef breaks, steep drops, and splitting tubes present a challenge few surfers can resist.

If peace, serenity, and relaxation are what you crave, you will find exactly what you're looking for on the "leeward" side of the island. From the calming sound of crystalline waters lapping onto white sand beaches to the enchanting song of the many indigenous bird species that call our island home, there are so many ways to entice the senses and relish in the feeling of sweet release.

No matter what you're looking for in island escape, you'll find it at Red Frog Beach in Bocas Del Toro Panama. Experience paradise like never before while creating lasting memories with friends and family. We invite you to explore this site and learn more about the adventures that await you on Red Frog Beach.


Protected Paradise

A large part of Isla Bastimentos including Red Frog Beach lies within the boundaries of the Bastimentos National Marine Park. The unspoiled beaches, ecologically distinct wildlife, and lush flourishing jungle are completely protected from outside influences, securing a true eco experience for both Panama vacationers and island explorers.

Because of Bocas Del Toro's geographic location, we are also protected from the dangers of hurricanes. There has not been a single hurricane to hit Panama or its surrounding islands in recorded history.

Our goal as residents and stewards of Isla Bastimentos is to preserve the unparalleled beauty of this island while creating an exceptional experience for all who venture here.

The Red Frogs Proper

Visitors to Isla Bastimentos will undoubtedly observe one of our islands most beloved creatures. With their unmistakable chirping and brilliantly colored bodies, red dart frogs are a signature of Isla Bastimentos. These amazing little amphibians are a constant reminder of the need to conserve the full spectrum of life that exists here.


With an average annual temperature of 82F, Red Frog Beach located in Bocas Del Toro is the perfect getaway anytime of the year. Technically the Rainy season is May & June and again November & December. However, some of the sunniest times of the year there are in the "rainy season." Temperatures year-round are about 82 degrees. Many people compare the climate of Bocas Del Toro to the Hawaiian island of Kauai (although the water is warmer in the Caribbean).


The islands of Bocas Del Toro are populated by peoples of Afro-Caribbean, Hispanic, indigenous Native American, and European decent. The dominant language is Spanish, but English and other languages are spoken as well. Most Bocas del Toro Hotels are located in Bocas town on Isla Colon about a 10 minute boat ride away from Red Frog Beach.

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