Environmental Stewardship

The Red Frog Beach Sustainability plan commits to preserving 80% of the island property forever, providing 20% of its power with sustainable energy, implementing various conservation projects, reforesting cattle lands, and improving the lives of those living in the island community through our Non-profit foundation and volunteer-led projects.

2003 deforessted Bastimentos grazing land.jpg


Because of the environmental focus of the resort, there are now MORE trees and vegetation on Isla Bastimentos than 10 years ago (because the cattle grazing has been removed). The erosion problems caused by the grazing have largely all been corrected on Isla Bastimentos.

The 2002 satellite picture shows the deforested-eroding area that existed before the Red Frog Villas were built on this location. By implementing a long-term sustainability plan, the resort is happy to showcase that the deforested area 15 years later is restored with the area full of trees and vegetation and wildlife!

Solar Energy

The resort has installed and operatesa 193kw centralized solar power system in Bocas. This system provides over 332,000 kWh’s per year of sustainable, clean energy to Bocas Del Toro’s most upscale resort.  Installed on the roofs of service buildings, these solar panels provide over 22% of the resort’s current power needs and will be expanded as demand increases.

Red Frog Beach is the largest island solar energy producing resort in the Western Hemisphere.

Red Frog Entry and Solar.jpg

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Green Globe Certified

Red Frog Beach Island Resort & Spa has received the coveted Green Globe certification. The beachfront island resort is now the first destination in Panama to achieve this distinction, which reflects its commitment to sustainable practices within the tourism industry.

A Green Globe certification comprehensively addresses how a tourism development not only treats natural resources, but also how the development impacts the social fabric of local communities. Red Frog Beach Island Resort & Spa has been certified for complying with an extensive list of more than 340 criteria in the following categories: sustainable management, social and economic elements, cultural heritage and environmental practices.