Families, couples, nature lovers, and adventure seekers agree that Red Frog Beach Island Resort & Spa has the Best Beach in Panama. We offer warm, gracious Caribbean hospitality and personalized service during your stay with us. Please read our reviews to learn what past guests have to say about their experience. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, many changes needed to be made to our trip—date of arrival, etc. The level of communication has been outstanding. Between emails and phone calls, I always felt at ease knowing things were being attended to. The staff is friendly and on top of things!

Ammosa - United States

We stayed in a beautiful villa (#24) with an incredible pool and a small private pool. Could barely see any other villas from our porch while we were looking out on the ocean. A great place for relaxing and doing nothing. Ulmer drove us around whenever we needed a ride and Estafany arranged a great snorkel and Zapatilla tour with Bolo. Beautiful beaches with almost no one on them if you just keep walking past the last villas. Not much in the way of facilities and stuff is too spread out to walk around much yourself in the heat

Eliahu - United States

We visited Red Frog Island Resort in May 2019. The villa was great…all amenities of home in the most beautiful place I have ever seen. The beach is great sand and warm Caribbean water. The local staff were very friendly and attentive to our needs. I would highly recommend the resort. 

Alan - United States

Cuesta entender lo mal promocionado que está este complejo en Latinoamérica, hasta que llegas allí y verificas que hay una razón, el Resort hace foco en campañas dentro de USA y lo puedes comprobar en la cantidad de Americanos que hay hospedados. El lugar es maravilloso, impecable. De una calidad poco frecuente de ver en Panamá. Es sin dudas él, o uno de los mejores Resort de Panamá. No hay cuestionamientos puesto que incluso cuando hay problemas, ellos están allí para resolverlo de inmediato. Sin dudas, regresaría una y mil veces más con amigos o familia! Respecto a Bocas del Toro, no hay nada que decir más que es necesario visitarlo alguna vez en la vida.

Adrian Deyme - Panama City , Panama