Our Story

Visiting the Caribbean archipelago of Bocas del Toro, you'll wonder how the emerald rain forests, distinctive wildlife, soft beaches and brilliant turquoise waters are relatively still unknown.


discovered by explorers

In 1502AD, innovative explorers, after a long journey, were mesmerized by a rock formation that looked like the "mouth of a bull" (i.e. Bocas del Toro). Banking their vessels near the entrance of what is today the resort's entrance and walking onto the island, the sailors were immediately captivated by the beauty and abundance on this island they named "Bastimentos." The name is interpreted as "provisions" because of the abundance of fresh spring water and nourishing fruits. The sailors found rejuvenation of body and spirit at Red Frog Beach needed after a long journey.

These early explorers met the indigenous Ngobe-Bugle Indians, the first inhabitants of the islands. Their pottery artifacts date their traditions as early as 900A.D. The Ngobe-Bugle Indians are still sharing the Bocas islands and traditions with us amid many phases of exploration, discovery, and solitude.


Many more explorers and pirates came through Bocas del Toro leaving legends of buried treasure, sunken ships, and bountiful opportunities.

Later on in the 19th century, fruit companies came to Bocas del Toro bringing Jamaican slaves. We are the descendants of these slaves are now make up the community of this eclectic vibrant island culture.


Bocas Town

Bocas Town

Red Frog Resort's Heritage

Did Explorers find the underground caves near Red Frog Beach? Did they eat fresh fruit at the waterfall backdrop at the SPA? Bocas del Toro is still being discovered for its world-famous beaches, renowned biodiversity, and eclectic Caribbean culture.

We consider it fortunate that the heritage, Caribbean lifestyle, enduring culture, and nature-given "provisions" are much like the scene several hundred years ago.

Discover an island treasure weaved with resilient cultural fabric and breath-taking beauty. Experience an impressive, enriching vacation from Red Frog Beach Island Resort in Bocas del Toro.

Since the resorts inception, Red Frog Beach has donated over $500,000 to charities around the world. Charity projects have inclucded environmental stewardship, marginalized minority groups and homeless women and children and individuals with special needs. the partners and owners at red frog beach are committed to making the world a better place and proud of the participation of all involved. Joe haley, Red Frog Beach, CEO